January 2019


Ubuntu is an Ancient African word meaning “I am because we are”, which simply expresses the importance of kindness and community. The concept of Ubuntu has had a tremendous influence on my life and is prevalent in my artwork, my family, my relationships, and my teaching. Ubuntu Art by Dana offers a unique two-day event that incorporates healing through artistic expression in a therapeutic and serene setting, thus, fostering a connectedness within yourself and with others.  Through this unique event, individuals learn to incorporate some of the following ideals into their lives:

-Clarity                               -Flexibility                          -Perspective                            -Openness

-Trusting intuition              -Connectedness                   -Letting go                              -Authenticity

-Self-awareness                 -Self-discovery                   -Self-expression                     -Self-love


This retreat will be held at The Ubuntu House and Gardens in Jupiter Farms from 9:30am-5:30pm on January 5th and 6th so to usher in the new year with love in our hearts and a positive perspective on our lives. The retreat includes two full days of activities and introspection that cultivate healing and wellness through the visual arts. Some activities include, mural painting, rock art, art in nature, crystal art, art therapy and more. We will also begin each day with guided meditation and yoga with the lovely Nicoleta Metta.


During the Ubuntu Wellness Retreat, participants will have the opportunity to face fears and painful memories that may be restricting them from living their best and most authentic lives and to release these fears through the arts as well as have the opportunity to unplug, have a few laughs, make some new friends, and create cool art.

Vegan friendly breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided by Project Flourish will be served both days. Click HERE for menu.

Also, each participant will receive a “swag bag” filled with special gifts, so that you can take home a reminder of your uplifting and life changing experience with us.

Special presentations will be made by Ubuntu Art by Dana,The Pixie and the Bull, and Nicoleta Metta.

                Ubuntu Art by Dana-Dana Sardano has always known that she is a gifted artist, but                          when she graduated from college in 1993, she chose a career as a special educator                            and has had a thriving 23-year career in education as The Director of Student                                  Development in a private school in Boca Raton, Florida. On the evening of

                        January 30, 2015, however, something very special happened. Having not picked up a brush since high school, she asked her husband to take a painting class with her. He politely declined but offered to take her to Michael’s for supplies and have some arts and crafts at their dining room table instead. That day, for the first time in over 25 years, she picked up a paint brush that she has yet to put down. That day she discovered a part of her that had lain dormant for over two decades! That day, Dana Sardano became an artist. Knowing she could no longer live a life that was inauthentic to her, in June 2017, 2 ½ years after she painted her first painting, she left that 23-year career in education in order to fully embrace an artist’s life and to model for her daughters the importance of listening to your soul’s purpose by following your bliss.  Dana’s inspiration is drawn directly from her two beautiful little girls.  Sweet Nahla, a gentle and insightful soul who only sees the world through eyes of love,  inspires her to create pieces that represent love and compassion and kindness, which exude Nahla’s benevolent disposition and generosity of spirit. And Nadia, the little spitfire- she instigates, provokes, pokes, prods, and arouses a fiery creativity in Dana that one could only understand after meeting her. The dichotomy of Dana’s work is explained upon understanding the uniquely differing characters of these special little people. Both Nahla and Nadia have introduced Dana to facets of her personality that had lain dormant for so many years, and her love affair with these children is why she continues to explore these facets and create such colorful expressions of love and joy.

                The Pixie and the Bull -Artist Duo, Brenda and Guy Hoffman create energy and                                 intention infused crystal art work. Known as The Pixie and The Bull , they create                                 collaborations of pure love. Brenda and Guy are twin flames that have not only                                   found one another, but have found a special gift in collaborating & creating                                         powerful and intentional art with a purpose. With independent art careers and collectors in Germany, Canada, Australia, and the U.S., The Pixie and The Bull knew they had something really special to share with the world. "When we decided that we would collaborate on crystal artwork, we set out to make something different, something unique, with its very own energy. A piece of art that carries the energies of love, courage, hope, nurturing, soothing, and many other energies of the healing kind. Art that serves as a meditation tool, and reminder of what it is that you are manifesting in your amazing life. Art that vibes high, means something powerful when its gifted, and most importantly, art that is an expression of pure love and is felt as such."

~ The Pixie and The Bull   

Their clients have been known to say that Brenda and Guy are heart centered intuitive artists, who have helped them feel, heal, manifest and thrive in their lives. Their intentional art is infused with the energy of both artists, the energies of the crystals and materials used in their art, and affirmations and intentions used throughout the process of creating their art. They truly create art with a purpose! To learn more about The Pixie and the Bull click here www.thepixieandthebull.com.

              Nicoleta Metta -Reverend Nicoleta Metta is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual                         Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Artist and a Blessed Mother. Nicoleta is a Radiant and                           Loving Spirit, Expressive, Bold and Creative, a true Visionary. She thrives through                             Unity, Empathy and Virtue. Nicoleta Metta was born and raised in Transylvania                                  Romania and has a Bachelor Degree in Science, Chemistry. She has been on the spiritual path and has been developing her skills from a very young age. She started yoga, meditation and the metaphysical studies in her teenage years and approached many healing techniques in Europe like the Munay-Ki of rites  of Alberto Villoldo and The Reconnection Healing Technique by Eric Pearl. Her main focus since arriving on US land is embracing her gifts and developing her powerful teachings in helping, guiding and serving people by continuous studies and training in spirituality and self awareness with top teachers & healers like Ekhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Doreen Virtue, Tim Miller, David Swenson, Pearl Rauberts, Jennifer Gage etc. She currently lives in Palm Beach County, Florida since 2003. There, Nicoleta Metta teaches a wide variety of classes and workshops including Reiki, Yoga, Meditation,  Intuitive Guidance and Personal Empowerment. She is also a dedicated Vipassana meditator -a 10 day Silent Buddhist Meditation, with  6 completed courses under her belt. Her dedication to this practice helped her come to the realization of deep wisdom, peace, happiness and a harmonious life. Nicoleta Metta is deeply committed to her spiritual path and very determined to help as many people to reach their true potentiality by discovering the inner love & beauty and inspire them to create a vibrantly abundant and joyful life. To learn more about Nicoleta Metta click here www.mettahearts.com.

For complete two day agenda click HERE.

This retreat is in the books. For information on future retreats, contact Dana@UbuntuArtbyDana.com.


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