Lady is simply spectacular! Thank you for sharing your art.

Jocelyn Garcia


My original piece by Dana is quite literally my most prized possession. Jolene hangs on the wall in the heart of our home and gives me the 'feels' every time I look at her. There is something about the energy of Dana's art that really speaks to me. Beyond the palpable beauty of her creations, I appreciate her ability to exhibit the strength of a woman. As someone raising two fierce daughters, I admire her portrayal of feminine strength, talent, nurture, nature and beauty.


Dana is an amazing artist and person with an outlook on life that I aspire to emulate. Ubuntu. <3


Christine Proctor

I have been an adoring fan of Dana’s Ubuntu Art for some time now. Though I own four very different pieces of Ubuntu Art by Dana, each piece stirs up the same love for life, sheer happiness, and feeling of Ubuntu that Dana has made the trademark of her art. All of her work is affirmative, encouraging, filled with hope, and heartwarming. One of my favorite pieces, though it is incredibly difficult to choose a favorite as I love each one for different reasons, is one of her early works that I have personally titled Stoned Elephant. It is a small canvas of an elephant with the most subtly delightful look on its face. It was given to me as a gift, and I have cherished it ever since. What I find so remarkable about Dana’s work is the powerful intention of Ubuntu that can be witnessed in every brushstroke of every piece she creates. I am in awe of  Dana, the extraordinary art she creates, and the love she pours in to each artistic adventure.

Tom Comis


"Simply an amazing, mezmorizing and breathtaking! There are no words to describe the feeling one gets when seeing her art. I have three of her pieces and I am still in awe when I see them!!


Dana has always been creative and expressive, so when she picked up the paintbrush 2½ years ago, I was amazed by her incredible talent but not surprised.  I was blessed with receiving one of Dana’s earliest pieces, and it hangs with importance as my first sight each morning.  I looked forward to seeing in person and via text Dana’s latest creations, and now I can see them all in one place on her website!  I have given unique gifts of her paintings on cards every Christmas, and now my friends and family can see where to go to peruse and enjoy all of Dana’s Ubuntu art.

Carolyn Lawrence Bjerke


Dana's work exhibits deep feeling, insight and a deep abiding love for her art, children, family, subjects and those fortunate enough to call her friend!  My house is a mini-gallery of her works and I love coming home to them and feeling as though she is in my house!! Dana is truly a remarkable artist and friend!



When my daughter was born, I was lucky enough to be gifted an original Ubuntu piece. Dana magically captured the bond between mother and child in a beautiful, meaningful portrait. Beyond her artistic talent, Dana's perspective on life is inspiring and one that I hope to one day achieve. Looking at the painting when I walk into the nursery provides me not only an aesthetic experience but also a reminder of the person I strive to be.

Holly Seidenfeld


When viewing Dana's art gallery of beautiful mother/daughter paintings, I knew she could create a heart felt painting that would be meaningful to my elderly parents. She brought to life an amazing, vibrant, personalized family tree painting that brings my parents joy every time they see it. I am so happy that I entrusted Dana to create this beautiful family heirloom.



I fell in love with Dana's art at first sight for its energy; it's almost kinetic. Dana has a vibrant, energetic personality. Her work is a reflection of her spirit: colorful, energetic, flowing.  Her paintings would add a modern, powerful and expressive mood to any wall you decide to showcase them.


The vibrancy of the colors, the emotions behind the image, and the quality of the finished product moves Dana Sardano's work from a passive, visual platform, to something that is more experiential. Her work explodes in bursts of colors and mystical hues, demanding attention and revealing a story behind each figure and image. In short, owning an original piece by Dana is like owning a small piece of magic.



There are literally no words to describe Dana. She is an incredibly gifted artist with very unique work.  She is a true talent, who has the ability to visualize your thoughts and render a piece that is more than anything you could have imagined. There is a passion in her art that is undeniable, a passion that is the very essence of her work. I am so honored to have an original Ubuntu Art hanging in my home.


Before she became a painter, Dana had long been an intuitive and highly sensitive being, a teacher and mentor. During a particularly difficult time in my life, Dana not only gave me shoulder to cry on and a sounding board, but she surprised me with a beautiful painting inspired by me and my two boys. Though she is a mother of girls, she was able to capture the particular bond between a mother and her sons, translating my feelings into vibrant brushstrokes. I was so moved by her gesture and her ability to communicate her support not only verbally but artistically, I just had to get some stationery imprinted with the gorgeous image. Good thing I did, since my boys battled me for possession of the actual painting, which they, too, loved. It hangs in their room reminding us all of our support network--Ubuntu!


Dana's paintings are not like anything I have ever seen. They make me happy as soon as I look at them. I have 3 pieces and each one is very special.  Vibrant, colorful and so much personality!!!   She is gifted beyond words.  


When you view Dana's artwork, you learn a lot about the person she is. You will learn she is a nurturing mother and has a love of the arts and the ocean. But when you view the painting she gifted me, you learn something about me. The painting is called "Dropping Dimes". It's of a simple angel with dimes below her feet. It's a nod to my Father and that I am constantly finding dimes in the most absurd places and situations that I believe they are "dimes from Heaven" left by my Father. Although she is a skeptic, who often would tease me about it, Dana put the love into the painting to honor it. Truly as remarkable a person as she is an artist, her whimsical approach is like no other.



Being a part of The Ubuntu Experience and being able to actually paint something on my own floored me! Dana is an amazing mentor and teacher and the unity and comfort I felt with her I will never forget. She guides you with her warmth, experience and outgoing magnetic personality without making you feel like a novice. She encourages you to keep with your own personal vision in making your piece the best it can be. 



The most lovely artist I know is Dana ! She has this loud, charismatic , bold, funny, outstanding personality that shows up in her artwork. I received my first Ubuntu Art Piece as a gift, purchased my favorite elephant pillow at an artshow and requested a dinosaur for my child that turned out to be fabulous as well. Long before Dana even knew this was her passion, I watched her grow from her hobby painting days to her getting serious about the incredible masterpieces days. I'd say she is the Pablo Picasso of South Florida. Her artwork is created with love and purpose, I will to continue to support her because I love what she is about and her artwork is meaningful. I loved all my paintings, gifts, photo thank you cards and most importantly getting to see an amazing lady walk on the path of her passion. 



I purchased a painting last year that grabbed me as soon as I saw it.  I have it hung up over my work desk and I’m so glad I put it there.  I often look at that painting, and it calms me, especially when I’m having a rough day at work.  I can’t tell you how much that painting means to me.  I am also lucky enough to have a second Dana Sardano painting, which brings a giant smile to my face whenever I look at it.  She’s truly gifted and I’m so glad she’s finally found her true calling.



I first learned about Dana's artwork through my friend who had a picture of herself and two girls in her home. I was instantly drawn to Dana's style of artwork. There is something magical and charismatic about her artwork. How can I use the term charismatic to describe Dana's art? It's simple. Many of her paintings take on a life of their own. It is like the girl in the painting speaks to you with her expressions, creating her own personality. I truly love Dana's artwork and can't wait to continue to see her creations.


Danielle Shumrak

Art is at its best when it evokes an emotion.  As an an art lover, art historian, collector and artist I have several pieces by this bright and talented artist, Dana Sardano, gracing all areas of my home.  Through her unique style, use of color, and soulful artistic expressions, Dana's pieces makes one "feel" joy, wonderment, excitement, happiness, and sheer pleasure of life that radiates and transmits her love and passion for her creations.  Through her pieces, you can feel her beautiful energy and that is exactly what art is supposed to do.  Once you own an original Ubuntu piece of art by Dana, you will be hooked and addicted and will find yourself building your own collection of her beautiful art.

Your BIGGEST fan,

Jodie Arrington


Dana is one of the rare people who can create not just the likeness of a person, but the essence of a soul. I am so blessed to have a painting from her that depicts me and my two daughters. It portrays not just our likeness, but the wordless emotions that only a mother understands for her children. Dana sees people, and she captures them on canvas. It’s a rare and beautiful talent to be able to touch someone so deeply with one’s art.



We were lucky to have an especially personal piece of work done by Dana.  Dana noticed that we were always posting on social media the beautiful sunsets over the river in our backyard, so she came up with the brilliant idea to paint us “her” version of “our” sunset. We weren’t quite sure that anyone could really capture the beauty of our sunset, but we trusted Dana to do her thing.  Putting her distinctive twist on “our" sunset, Dana created a beautiful and unique piece of art, one that will always be special to us but can still stand on its own for others to appreciate and enjoy. Thanks, Dana, for both the great idea and the gorgeous painting! 


Liz and Lew

I love the picture Dana painted for me. It makes me so happy to see it every day. Dana is a talented and creative artist that I definitely plan on working with again in the future.  Her intellect and imagination are a match that is hard to find.  Dana is an individual I feel privileged to have met.



Walking into the Ubuntu Studio, we were struck by the array of paintings displayed on the walls, each painting eliciting a feeling of understanding.  When you look at Dana's art, it's hard not to be drawn in and want to participate.  The warmth and glow Dana has made inside her studio envelops the soul and allows you delve into the art world she has created for her guests. The Ubuntu Experience allowed my husband and me an opportunity to let go and embrace our inner artist!

Ellen and Stephen


I knew when I saw her first pieces she found her calling and her future would be prosperous with the  beautiful gift God gave her. I had her create a precious piece for my day spa that just spoke to the personality that encompassed my sacred space. I have quite a few pieces around my home and also had a few clients that commissioned her to create pieces as well.  Can't wait for my next piece of art work from Ubuntu Art!!!


With wild vibrant colors, and strong empowering brush strokes, the work of Dana Sardano is alive with positive energy and emotion.  As the owner of Coast Boutique, I have had the great pleasure to work with this most talented, honest and genuine woman.  Her work is the physical manifestation of her glorious and gracious personality.  You just can’t help but feel good and positive when meet her, or experience her work.       



"Ubuntu Art by Dana is so precious and appealing because you're not just getting a piece of art. You're getting a piece of the artist."

Chaim Lanner

I have known Dana for several years and did not know of her hidden talent. When she started painting, I was amazed. I had to have one of Dana's paintings and some note cards. She was always amazing, but when she started painting, I was so excited for her. She is quite talented.   My daughter Lisa wants one of her paintings after seeing the one we bought. Dana painted me and my little white dog. It's adorable. ❤️

Cindi & Charlie

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