If you found a flamingo on your lawn, somebody thinks you need an Ubuntu Experience.  Here's how it works!


First, enjoy your Ubuntu Experience.  Then, in the spirit of Ubuntu, pass on the flamingo to someone that you think needs their own Ubuntu Experience.  Just drop it on their lawn, and like you, they'll figure out the rest.

If you feel you are not ready for your experience at this time, just pass the flamingo onto someone you believe is, but don't worry, like anything else that you are in need of, that flamingo will make it back to you when you are ready ;).

When you find a flamingo on your lawn, take a selfie with it and post it on Instagram #UbuntuArtbyDanaFlamingos This way we can follow along in their adventures.


Join the fun! Let's have some laughs with our friends.  And remember, the answer to all questions is always Ubuntu!

Click on this link - UBUNTU  to learn more about and sign up for your Ubuntu Experience.

Ubuntuartbydana.com    Artist Dana Sardano   Jupiter Fl.     954 465 9175    Dana@ubuntuartbydana.com