I                                           Artist’s Statement


My name is Dana Sardano, and  I am many things.

I am a mother.  I am a wife.  I am a friend.  I am a survivor.  I am an educator.  Among these things, I am also a 46 year old woman who recently made the decision to retire from a 23 year career in education. Forty-six and retired-how does this happen?


On the evening of January 30, 2015, I asked my husband if we could take a painting class together.  He politely declined but offered to take me to Michael’s for supplies and join me for some arts and crafts at the dining room table in the privacy of our own home. Like two little kids, we hit the aisles cluelessly grabbing paint and brushes.  This was an innocent little adventure, but neither of us had any idea what would happen next.  That was the day I first picked up a paint brush that I have yet to put down. That day I discovered a part of me that had lain dormant for two decades.  That day, I became an artist.

My inspiration is drawn from my beautiful family, especially my two beautiful little girls. My sweet Nahla inspires me to create pieces that represent love and compassion and kindness. Nahla is such a gentle and insightful soul that sees the world only through the eyes of love. My paintings exude her benevolent disposition and generosity of spirit. And Nadia, my little spitfire- she instigates, provokes, pokes, prods, and arouses a fiery creativity in me that one could only understand after meeting her.


The dichotomy of my work is explained upon understanding the uniquely differing characters of these special little people. Both Nahla and Nadia have introduced me to facets of my personality that had lain dormant for so many years, and my love affair with them is why I continue to explore these facets and create such colorful expressions of love and joy.

My husband Rob is not to be forgotten. My children give me the inspiration. My husband gives me the drive. His unwavering support and interest in my painting afford me the confidence to continue with this passion of mine. There is a tremendous amount of vulnerability that comes with expressing oneself in such a personal way, and this vulnerability is even more profound when sharing that expression with the world. My husband is the sole reason why I confidently and proudly share my art with you.

As I shed the skin of my old life, I eagerly look forward to the artistic adventures of my new life.


I am excited. I am determined.

I am an artist.

(June 2017)


“For what it’s worth, it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be.

I hope you live a life you’re proud of,

And if you’re not,

I hope you have the strength to start over.”


~F. Scott Fitzgerald

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